Texty Affiliate Program

Sign up to become our affiliate and earn commission on referrals. After signing up, you will get access to your own custom referral link and referral tracking dashboard. Referral tracking via 3rd party platform, Tapfiliate.

The Program:

Build recurring monthly income promoting Texty! Promote Texty and get 50% commission on every customer you send our way. Our subscription is monthly, and pays for the life of the customer. Our service fee starts at $99 per month for Professional and goes up to $299 per month for Enterprise. That means referring just one customer would pay you from $50 up to $150 per month!
The Opportunity:
Unlock the potential of your affiliate marketing. Your new secret weapon: an absurdly high EPC (earnings per click) thanks to our unbeatable combination of a high commission rate and emails that simply sell. Inside your affiliate dashboard, you'll have access to our proven high-converting emails that make you money with zero effort on your part. Don't miss out on this opportunity, start sending our emails now and watch your earnings skyrocket!
- Recurring Income
Our program pays you every month, with no end date. This is a great way to build monthly income!
- High EPC 
Enjoy a high EPC (earnings per click) range from $4 to $14 per click for targeted/warm traffic
- Long LTV
At Texty, we have an unusually high customer lifetime value (LTV). When a customer signs up with us, the difference is drastic. Customers who get started with us usually stay with us, and if you are the one that referred them, then that means you'll be paid for a long time.

Texty is capitalizing on the recent trend of Amazon Sellers to putting inserts in their products. There's no other platform online that integrates with Amazon Sellers so easily to text their customers. While most eCommerce texting solutions integrate with everything, we don't. Amazon Sellers need something completely different, and that's why we built Texty just for them. It's simple to use, effective at growing reviews and sales on Amazon, and takes little effort for Amazon Sellers to get up and running. Promote Texty, the one platform that was built exclusively for Amazon Sellers. With our large commission and high website conversion rate, all you have to do is send Amazon sellers our way to get big payouts sent your way. Sign up today, tell your leads about Texty, and make an impact they will never forget!


Additional Information:

The Company:
Texty support is responsive within 1 hour during business hours. We have specialists available for 1-on-1 calls with clients for advanced help. Clients get premium support and care from a team that truly cares. Our product delivers amazing value for all of our clients and can dramatically improve an Amazon-based business due to the influx of reviews from leveraging the Texty software. When you send a client our way, you can be sure they will be taken care of. Between our great customer support and the way our product works, we have long customer lifecycles - meaning that once you refer someone that signs up, you are likely to get a $33-$100 monthly payout for a year or more.
The Future:
As a Texty Affiliate, you will be grandfathered in and your links and commission will never change, even if the affiliate program is modified in the future. Texty is committed to maintaining its products for the long term, allowing you to generate recurring income through long-term traffic assets. Additionally, we consistently pay commissions on time, which is why we have had successful partnerships with affiliates for over 8 years.
The Payouts:
Monthly payouts. PayPal or ACH.

The Terms:

Texty Affiliate Terms of Service can be accessed here: Texty Affiliate Agreement

By choosing to sign up as an affiliate for Texty, you are agreeing to the Texty Affiliate Terms of Service. Your affiliate relationship with Texty will be managed according to the terms set forth in the Texty Affiliate Terms of Service.

(Customer Notice: You can't refer yourself and commissions are reviewed before payout)
(Affiliate Notice: Commission is based solely on the monthly service fee. Anyone who clicks your link is cookied for 60 days, and any sign-up within that time will be counted as your referral)







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